This search concerns exclusively chamber music works for and up to 8 instruments. If you select the "exact instrumentation" checkbox, the search will retrieve only works for that instrumentation. If you do not choose the "exact" checkbox, the search will yield all the works in the database which include the instruments selected, without regard, however, to the specific number involved and to the aggregate instrumentation. Thus, if the boxes flute/guitar are clicked (without clicking "exact instrumentation"), you might receive a sextet, for instance, which will logically include flute, guitar, but also mezzo-soprano, piano and percussion as part of the complete instrumentation. The checkboxes "acoustic guitar", "electric guitar", "bass guitar" and "amplified guitar" will allow you to search for works that feature these instruments exclusively. If you choose not to click a specific instrument, the search will retrieve works for all guitar types in the database.

Initially, the results of a search will yield a composer name and a composition title. You have the option of clicking on either of the two elements; one will lead you to information on the composer, the other will present detailed information on the work, as it relates to various parameters established by the authors.

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