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This database of contemporary guitar music is designed to provide a resource not only to "pluckers", but potentially to journalists and scholars who are interested in the development of contemporary music in the 20th and 21st century. As well, Sheer Pluck is hoping to promote the guitar's repertoire - which clearly is expanding in a most dramatic way at present - and stimulate further discourse and composition. No modern instrument has been left out in the cold: included herein is music for electric guitar, for bass guitar, as well as for quarter-tone guitar and alto guitar.

In the truest sense, the Sheer Pluck database is to be understood as a "Work in Progress." As such, Sheer Pluck has established clear guidelines for "releasing" a work on the site; these have to do with issues regarding verification and source material. The "visible" contents, therefore, do not necessarily reflect the aggregate contents of the database. Sheer Pluck asks for your understanding in this regard. Furthermore, any information relating to a specific composer or work that would constitute a meaningful addition is most welcome.

Sheer Pluck is committed to the idea of establishing a community-oriented project, one which draws on the rich experience of some of its select members in order that the larger collective can benefit.

Klaus Heim, Sheer Pluck
Seth Josel, co-founder and co-author electric guitar and ensemble pieces