Syncretic landscape IV

the furious prayer

Antonio Giacometti




guitar, violin (2), viola, violoncello


Chamber Music


Warsaw, Poland, 2000: Giulio Tampalini, guitar / Royal String Quartet


composer homepage;


"This piece for guitar and string quartet is one of the five Syncretic Landscapes written from 1997 to 2000. In such a compositional cycle, Giacometti explores the dialectic possibilities of the music as a 'drama', giving attention to the contrast and the fusion among different musical languages and technics.
In Syncretic landscape IV the result is a non-linear narration, that involves instrumental and vocal gestures, african, indian and balinesian pitch collections and rhythmic articulations, through a multilayer formal project realized upon the figure of the furious prayer, the man, who feel the impotence of his own faith in the presence of all human life horrors.
A deep interior laceration moving on the progressive transformation of guitar texture and the re-actions of the strings, from the initial tibetan lament, to the final negro spiritual." - Antonio Giacometti (from: composer homepage)