Der Schall

Mauricio Kagel




player 1: foghorn, spaghetti tube with trumpet mouthpiece, straight cornet, Tpt in D, baroque trumpet ("clarino") with wooden mute, corrugated plastic tube, tromba di tirarsi, plastic funnel with tube & 2nd plastic funnel, 20m garden hose, antelope horn, various mutes & mouthpieces; player 2: conch horn, pan pipe, 2 post-horns, hand drum, double police siren, plastic tube with connector, corrugated plastic tube, Tbn, mouthpieces, nafir; player 3: Jews harp (v. low), sitar, banjo, octave Gtr, Stössel lute, rubberphone ("Saitensprung"), various gloves, objects for bowing & plucking; player 4: 6-12 organ pipes (mixtures), 2 pan pipes, taishokoto, ocarina, Kimulan violin, 2 messing tubes, objects for bowing & plucking; player 5: bell-board, sirens, cuckoo, 4 turtle shells, nose flute, bass drum, 2 telephones, 2 brass tubes, 1 music box


Chamber Music


Edition Peters


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